HSWA Lunch in Chinatown May 24, 2016



HSWA Visit to Coconut Island (the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology) November 18, 2015

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HSWA Holiday Mixer

Photos from our 2015 holiday mixer in Waikiki, with special guests (in town for the PacifiChem conference): Sam Kean (, Liz Neeley (, Raychelle Burks (@DrRubidium), and Mónica Feliú-Mójer (



February Science Cafe (Mars HI-SEAS Project)

On February 16, Professor Kim Binsted, a member of the University of Hawaii Department of Information and Computer Sciences, will speak at Honolulu Science Cafe about the Mars HI-SEAS Project (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation), which aims to study how groups of astronauts might perform during months-long human expeditions to the planet Mars.


October Science Cafe (biology of the Mariana Trench)

On October 20, Jeffrey Drazen, a member of the University of Hawaii Department of Oceanography, spoke at Honolulu Science Cafe about the ecology of deep-sea fishes, including fishes in the ocean’s deepest places. Professor Drazen is  as a founding member of the Hadal Ecosystem Studies Program (HADES).


HSWA Visited the Bishop Museum

Eleven Hawaii science writers met with Bishop Museum staff for a behind-the-scenes tour of the collections.

Photo credit: Ryan Ozawa,

On June 2, the collections managers at Honolulu’s Bishop Museum hosted the Hawaii Science Writers Association for an all-day, behind-the-exhibits tour. Eleven of our members came to this event, including one HSWA member who flew over from Kauai for the occasion.We met with the museum’s managers of ichthyology, malacology, anthropology, entomology, vertebrate zoology, and botany, as well as the manager of the on-site Pacific Center for Molecular Biodiversity.

Our deepest thanks to the Bishop Museum staff for this incredible opportunity to identify story leads and speak with key experts in a range of scientific fields. We had a great time  learning with you, and we look forward to staying in touch!

Thanks also to HSWA member Ryan Ozawa for documenting the day in his Flickr stream and on YouTube. Check it out for yourself:



May Science Cafe (The Magic of Solar Eclipses)

On May 19, Dr. Shadia Habbal, faculty chair of the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, described her research on the solar wind and the Sun’s magnetic field.


HSWA Visited Loko Ea Fishpond


On April 30, several of us drove to the North Shore to visit Loko Ea, a traditional Hawaiian fishpond that is being restored with help from community members and several local research and conservation groups.

Kimi Makaiau was our host. She works with a Hawaiian nonprofit, Alu Like, and provides administrative support for Loko Ea by writing grants that bring in money to purchase much-needed equipment, as well as support the salaries of a very small staff. The photo above shows Kimi describing how makaha gates were used to capture ama ama (mullet) as they attempt to swim back out to the ocean to spawn.

Our other host, Luka Mossman, works with Conservation International’s Hawaii Fish Trust on several projects related to sustainable, local fishery practices. He explained a research project currently under way at Loko Ea to test how many ama ama the pond could support while maintaining healthy conditions in the water and in the fish. One day, he and Kimi hope that Loko Ea might be used to produce fish that are sold commercially on the islands, much as the early Hawaiians used the ponds to feed their communities so long ago.

 April Science Cafe (Plants and People of Vanuatu)

On April 21, Tom Ranker, Chair of the UH Manoa Botany Department, will speak at Honolulu Science Cafe about an ongoing project to document and study the flora of the island nation of Vanuatu and how the ni-Vanuatu people use plants in their everyday lives.

Honolulu Science Cafe meets at JJ’s Bistro, 3447 Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki (between 9th and 10th Avenues). Parking is available in a small lot behind the restaurant, with metered parking on the surrounding streets. Dinner/social hour begins at 6 p.m., talk begins at 7 p.m. More information here. *This event is not organized, sponsored, or endorsed by the Hawaii Science Writers Association.*

University of Hawaii Cancer Center Symposium

Monday, December 8, 9am-2pm. University of Hawaii Cancer Center. From UH event description: “Know Thy Enemy: How do cancer cells do what they do, and how do they spread around the body? Hear the latest from experts in the field during this symposium at the UH Cancer Center in Kakaako. Event includes round table discussions, awards, and poster session.”  More information here. *This event is not organized, sponsored, or endorsed by the Hawaii Science Writers Association.*

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Upcoming: Christie’s Thesis Defense


Friday, December 5, 3:30-5pm. Oahu-based science writer Christie Wilcox will be defending her thesis, “Molecular Investigators of the Pteroinae: Insights into the Invasive Lionfishes from the Native Range” at UH Manoa. Information about the event is here. You can also read more about invasive lionfish in this great Slate article Christie wrote last year.

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December Science Cafe (Ebola)

Tuesday, December 16, 6-8pm. JJ’s Bistro. Honolulu Science Cafe. Dr. Sarah Park, a Hawaii state epidemiologist, will be giving a public talk entitled “Ebola and Other Epidemic Threats to Hawaii.” Social/dinner hour begins at 6pm and the talk will start at 7pm. More information here. *This event is not organized, sponsored, or endorsed by the Hawaii Science Writers Association.*

UH Writer’s Voice Talk

Thursday, December 4, 7pm. “Finding the Writer’s Voice with Constance Hale” at UH Manoa. From the UH website: “What do we mean when we refer to a writer’s voice, and how can each of us develop a distinctive one–whether for emails, memos, or memoirs? Does an author have one voice or many? Constance Hale, the author of bestselling books on literary style including Sin and Syntax and Vex, Hex, Smash, Smooch, answers these questions and others in a presentation that mixes readings, lecture, and discussion.” More information here. *This event is not organized, sponsored, or endorsed by the Hawaii Science Writers Association.*

Successful Lunch Meeting!


Five local science communicators met up today to kick off the formation of the Hawaii Science Writers Association. We had great discussions about goal-setting, turning down clients, our daily work habits, and the paths we each took to becoming science writers (and a science illustrator, in one case!).

Upcoming: Science Writers Luncheon

Monday, December 1, 11:45am. We’ll be getting together for lunch in Honolulu to meet as a group for the first time and talk about what a local science writing organization could accomplish. Come armed with business cards and ideas. Email the webmaster to find out the location and RSVP if you are not on the HSWA mailing list.


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