Hire a Science Writer

Are you a Hawaiian publication looking for a journalist to cover a complex scientific story for you? A local institution trying to fill an open science writer job? Or a mainland news outlet who wants on-the-ground science reporting from Hawaii? Members of the Hawaii Science Writers Association are local, professional science writers who are always looking for new clients.

Are you a scientist hoping to find a writer who can disseminate your Hawaii-based research to a broader audience? We can help with that too! Members of the group write for mainstream national publications, ranging from magazines to top-tier journals to newspapers, and we all love covering local science. We can’t guarantee a story about your work, but we’d love to talk with you about it and pitch an article about your research to our editors.

We’re also available for public outreach within the state of Hawaii— Hawaii Science Writers Association members can talk with anyone from elementary school classrooms to working scientists about what science writing is and what it takes to explain science to the general public.

If you fill out the form below, the webmaster will send your request along to Hawaii Science Writers Association members.